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Our Top 10 Techno Hacks for Small Business in 2019

Updated: May 29, 2019

At Bootprint Marketing, we love helping small- to medium-sized businesses get a handle on their marketing. In this blog, we'll be share marketing tips ... from social media to sales materials to crafting your message and finding your audience.

So, grab a coffee and join us for a quick read as we point you to our list of practical tools that you can use today in your business – whether that’s running a farm market stand, creating a website, crafting a postcard or writing content for your customers.

Take all the technological help you can get

We know what it’s like for business owners – often, you know what needs to be done, but find it challenging to find the time and resources (whether that’s budget or staff) to get your marketing done. We own our own business, too, and understand how tough it can be to promote yourself on top of everything else you do!

That’s why we we’re sharing our Top 10 Techno Hacks for Small Business. Sometimes, business owners just need a little productivity boost. Here’s our list of 10 online tools and smartphone apps that help us get marketing and business tasks done more efficiently.

Canva: This online graphic builder has a very robust free version, so you can create social graphics, marketing materials and more (it’s also available as an app). While it doesn’t replace a professional designer, and a visual arts background definitely helps you create better looking graphics, Canva can help boost your marketing with professional-looking graphics.

PicMonkey: This image editing tool is great for a variety of tasks like cropping, resizing, punching up the contrast on photos, adding filters, and more. PicMonkey also has added features to help you build graphics and make type pop. It’s a paid service, starting at a low monthly cost for the basic service, but we love the Pro account for the added features.

Todoist: When you have tons on your plate, a checklist and reminder system can be so helpful. We love Todoist for its simplicity. You can set tasks for specific dates, color-code your lists, group to-do lists by project, and that little check mark is so satisfying when you get things done. The free version is very functional, and there are premium and business options with more bells and whistles, depending on what you need.

Basecamp: Got lots of projects on the go? Collaborating with others? Need a place to store project documents and have group conversations? We’re using Basecamp for our project management system, and to collaborate with clients and our designers, too. There are several levels to fit your size of business.

Hootsuite: There are a few social media schedulers out there, but we have used Hootsuite for years. You can schedule posts to over 30 social channels, monitor topics, follow hashtags for social listening and more. We manage daily posting on social channels for many clients (plus our own social channels) so a scheduler helps us stay organized and pro-active.

Google Alerts: When we need to listen for mentions by topic or client on the Internet, curate articles on a broad topic area, or check for coverage in the news media, we use (among other services) Google Alerts. It’s simple to use and brings content right to your Gmail inbox.

Flipboard: Curating content can be a daunting task, but Flipboard makes it easy to find content by subject area. It can be used on computer or on a smartphone. It’s a slick way to find stories for sharing or to keep current on a wide variety of topic areas.

QuickBooks Online: There’s nothing like getting your business books in order. Although we work with a local accountant/CPA, several years ago she encouraged us to move our accounting online with QuickBooks (and provided training, too). It’s been an amazing tool to seamlessly track our expenses, accounts receivables and run reports, and makes our year-end accounting so much easier. (We like that it’s a Canadian company, too.)

Harvest: We use this platform to do online invoicing, but Harvest’s simple time tracking ability has made it one of our most crucial business tools. If you have a business where you need to track your team’s time, this platform is great. You can also take advantage of many plug-ins and integrations with other online programs like QuickBooks, Basecamp, Slack and more.

10% Happier App: After a busy day at the office, anything that helps beat stress is a great thing. Linda’s been using this meditation app for most of last year and she finds tons of great meditations and advice in the free version (although she’s tempted to pay to subscribe for the additional content). She highly recommends the book by the same name by Dan Harris, plus his newer book Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics, and his podcast ‘10% Happier with Dan Harris’. The app with online courses gives you access to meditations and some of the best teachers around.

Not sure where to start? We can help.

While having an app or online tool can help move many tasks along, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. We can help point your marketing in the right direction, coach you on how to do your marketing yourself, or create content or marketing materials for you. Just get in touch.

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