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Can frugal marketing help your business? We think so.

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

When you run your own business, we know how it is: the days are long and the work never seems to end. Many businesses have marketing work they need to do and want to do. They just can’t get to it. Or, they might not know how to go about it. Or, which piece to do first. Or, how to say what they want to say.

Communicating with your customers and prospects about what you do and how that can help them is an important part of your business. But, in our experience, two factors often prevent businesses from doing the marketing work they want to do.

The first is time. You’re busy enough doing the everyday work to keep your business going, without adding marketing on top of it. The second factor is money. Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of things to spend money on in a business.

That’s why we encourage Frugal Marketing when working with clients. We encourage our clients to take one step at a time and to avoid taking on too much at once. That means focusing on the one marketing piece that needs to be done first.

You may have heard about your customer’s ‘pain point’ and why a pain point is important to identify, and then solve, with your product or service. Well, we think that business owners can have ‘marketing pain points’, too. You know: that one thing that keeps nagging at you and that’s stopping the rest of your marketing from moving forward.

Time to bust up the log jam

When we ask clients to imagine their business flow, their work tasks, and particularly their ‘marketing shoulds’, we have them imagine all those things jammed up as logs in a river. Next, we ask them to identify one log they could take out and solve to help their marketing efforts. Most times, they know right away what it is. They’ll say, “I need to update my website” or “My industry magazine asked me to write an article” or “my LinkedIn bio is really boring and out-of-date”.

What we’ve found is that when you tackle that one marketing task that’s causing you pain – that one next thing that needs your attention big or small – something magical happens. When that log comes out, it wiggles the other logs around and then the next needed task becomes more obvious. Sometimes, the whole jam busts free a little and everything starts flowing again.

So, if we were meeting with you, we would ask: what's the one thing you know you need to ‘unjam’ that will give you the biggest impact for the least investment? Get that thing working for you, and when you next have some time, ask the same question again: What’s the one thing you can do that will give the biggest impact for the least investment?

That’s our approach to Frugal Marketing. We’ve seen it work wonders and take the pressure off a business's staff because it allows the business to grow in a way that respects your time … and your money.

Now, for some frugal ideas that might just get your jam moving

Even if you have a limited marketing budget, the great thing about today’s technological environment is that there are many helpful apps and tools that can help your business marketing that are absolutely free (as outlined on our last blog). A saying around here is: do the free marketing stuff well before you start spending a lot of money.

Check out these 3 free and simple marketing actions you can take right now for your business.

1. Research your business on Google. If you have a local business, how well do you appear in search? Go online and search for the product or service that you provide, as a potential customer would. Search for a plumber in Canmore. Auto repair in Banff. Office supplies in Cochrane. Now look at what comes up and where your business is ranked. Does your business website contain key words that match what those customers would search for? Are your social media channels active enough to show up? Did you know that Google uses loading speed on website landing pages as a ranking factor on searches? With the ever-increasing use of search by consumers, this research is free and it’s a great thing for you to review.

2. Look up your business’s website on your phone. Beyond the speed of your website, is your website optimized for mobile? It should be, because more people are searching for your business (and shopping) on their phones. Is your website easy to read? Does the navigation make sense? How fast does it load? Find out how your website scores with this free Google tool that tests the mobile-friendliness of your website.

3. Reach out to previous customers. How much of your business is conducted with repeat customers? For a budget of zero dollars, you can make a point of speaking with these people, sending them a quick email, or dropping by their business. Want a reason to contact them? Ask them if they’d provide a testimonial about your products or services. Touching base with customers is a great way to keep the relationship strong, and if you can add their testimonial to your social proof, that is gold.

Regardless of the budget you have, you have tons of marketing options at your fingertips.

Have a specific question? Give us a call or send us an email. We can provide advice to help your business move forward and get those marketing jobs off your to-do list and get them done.

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